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[Patch] Version 27 Revision 0

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Posted on: January 21, 2016, 12:09:02 am


What's new/changed?

Fashionable Items

  • No longer have stats, in order to allow players to choose their favorite cash set as all sets are now equal.
  • All cash items [including purple crystal apple items] can utilize the new Ancestral Scroll System!

Ancestral Scroll System

  • Stage versions will now follow global Lunia's path. This means that secondary items [glove, shoe, accessories] will give lesser stats than the primary items. In addition to this, there will also be Knight/Wizard options to opt into your preferable stat. Numbers have been revised for stage to be identical to global Lunia.
  • Myth versions will be able to be used on any item. Myth stats will remain as they are now.
  • Ancestral Scroll System can be obtained via District of the Intelligence.

Guild Items

  • A new item has been added to all guild shops ranked #1-20, which will be used in a future ranked Guild Raid stage.

Lime Rebalance

  • Lime has received various changes to his passives, as well as transformations to give more damage and survive-ability.

District of Intelligence

  • Scroll box has been removed, and replaced with the new scroll system.

Blue Crystal Apples

  • Removed stat dyes.
  • Removed time dyes.
  • Removed pets.
  • Removed resurrection stones.
  • Added Diana's Pet Training Request (24 Hours).
  • Added Great Box 9.

Ancestral Skills

  • Have been temoporarily locked to ensure nobody can level them yet, for the classes which have them visible in the skill tree.

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