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[Poll] Lv75 Skills! DEX classes?

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Posted on: December 22, 2016, 09:10:13 am


Hello people!
Thank goodness for exam week being over, and finally having a bit more free time in my schedule.

I have come today to poll your opinions on a proposed solution.

Earlier this year, I had stated that I would not be bringing Lv75 skills until I figured out a way to mitigate the damage (to the game, not the monsters!) that 0 cooldown will bring. And until recently, I have not been able to figure out an effective, and non-exploitable method in which I could implement safeguards from spamming the skill. (This is evident with some of the creative ways people have gone to avoid Arien's Lightning Arrow debuff, which also proves that the debuff method is not a way to be considered.)

This being said, the following is a general idea I had, and is possible;

I would like to propose the following below;
DEX CLASSES will have 75 skills, at their original damages. However, the mana cost on DEX class Lv.75 skills will be around 75% to 90% of your mana. Unlike percentage requirements seen in Eir's Price of Sacrifice, this percentage will actually prevent you from using the skill unless you have enough mana. *This would act as a soft cooldown, as it would take a user quite some time to restore to 75%~90% mana. {*prompts for guild mana potion cd change? Maybe a revamp on mana regeneration with some of the myth sets/ceremonial?*}

*this means that, classes who provide utility in the form of mana regeneration, such as Kali or Krieg, will prove to be extra useful, as they will increase how often a DEX class can use his/her Lv75 skill!

In addition to this, I would also like to remove the reagent requirement on some DEX classes buffs, and replace it with this mana system instead. For example, remove the black pearls required on Tia's turn back time skill, and replace that requirement with maybe a 25%-40% mana cost. Etc.

These are my ideas/suggestions, and I would love to hear yours as a reply!


my reply to this thread, to use as a format!

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